1934 Plymouth 5 Window Coupe

I found this body on Craigslist advertised at $3200 and went to look at it. It was no way worth that much money. The coupe had been rolled and the top was crushed, door hinges broken, and jungle rot everywhere. I turned it down. The guy called me a month later and offered it to me for $1800.  I offered 13; we counted out hundreds and I trailed it to the shop.

I used some wooden studs and a hydraulic jack to push out major dents on the roof. The passenger side quarter panel was also crushed and proved to be difficult to straighten. Rolled the body over to pound out the side. The jungle rot on the passenger side roof completely fell off. I had an apprentice helping me, and we continued the straightening process and finally began the chop.  I cut out 4” and pulled the front pillars back 3”.  There was so much rust that I had to make inserts in order to well the top back on.

The weeks work turned into months, and the project was taking way longer than normal.

Building the frame, buying the axles, brakes, split wishbones, and building the ladder bars to get it into a roller. I built new rear inner wheel wells, new recessed firewall, and floors.

Picked up a 318 small block Chrysler and sent the block to the machine shop . We bought Scat pistons, new rods, Comp cam, bearings, and had the crank balanced and polished.  Putting it together, I scored some 36O heads with 2.02/1.76 valves.  Milled the block for a zero deck height. This should be about 400 hp.

Money became tight again, so I picked up a used 727 trans and put it in for now.  Building the motor mounts took forever and in the process of welding, the frame got off center again. I cut the front cross member back out, straightened the frame, and decided to shorten the wheel base 4”.  This turned out beautifully and I love the shorten nose.


I got the engine set just right and made motor mounts and trans cross member. I took the original bench seat and chopped it into a pair of bucket seats. I covered them with foam and glued to a half inch plywood. The wiring and the brake lines are next on the list. Soon to be up and running.

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